The ease and convenience of blinds and shades and the look of elegance of draperies.


Silhouette® window shadings are sleek, elegant and unique. Soft woven fabric vanes suspended between sheer facings. The look of a curtain, the convenience of a blind.

Key Benefits

  • Soft fabrics provide a warm glow to any room.
  • Horizontal lines blend well with the more popular 2″ wood blinds.
  • Provides complete privacy when closed.

Silhouette window shadings offer the perfect solution. Two sheer fabric facings with fabric vanes suspended between them. When the vanes are open, the view outside is preserved, and your home’s natural light is gently filtered. Closed, the fabric vanes allow you privacy while maintaining the soft, elegant style Silhouette window shadings create. Silhouette shadings are available in a variety of fabrics, colors, 2″ and 3″ vane sizes. Silhouette shadings are also available in PowerRise®

Luminette Privacy Sheers®

Change the mood of your room by choosing Luminette Privacy Sheers®. Its sheer, drapery-like covering has a vertical design, especially suited for larger, rectangular windows. When fully open, you’ll enjoy a subdued view of the outdoors. When closed, its sheer fabric vanes give you complete privacy. Luminette makes a statement in casual and formal rooms alike. It’s even available with a room-darkening option, Evening Star™, and you can order extra fabric for beautifully coordinated rooms.


Soft and gentle, yet surprisingly rugged. Vignette® window shadings are designed to be raised and lowered effortlessly, time after time – never losing their beautiful shape. Incredibly long wearing, Vignette is easy to maintain and is resistant to dust and stains. And, what’s more each fabric

provides superior sun protection, blocking 99% of harmful rays. Vignette shadings are available in a range of colors, from subdued classics to vibrant, contemporary hues. And each shading comes complete with a neutral fabric backing for a uniform exterior appearance. Vignette shadings are also available with a fabric-covered headrail for a sleek coordinated look. The fabric is available in cut yardage so that you can accessorize your room.

Key Benefits

  • Most attractive roman shade on the market.
  • Rolls up evenly, with no cords showing.
  • Rolls up neatly into its headrail in the open position.

Serenette™ SoftFold Shadings

Serenette¨ SoftFoldª Shadings is an innovative new window fashion in window coverings. Serenette¨ features a proprietary SoftFold louver that gently softens light and effects a full and graceful look reminiscent of the elegance found in tailored draperies. Rotate the SoftFold louvers and watch as th

Customize your Serenette® SoftFold® shadings with the Fabric By The Yard Program. You can dramatically change the style of your window and create a perfectly coordinated custom look with beautiful Serenette fabrics such as Jacquard Lace™, Etched Taffeta™, Signature Cloth™, SoftWeave™, Tailored Linen™, Vintage Damask™, and Couture Crepe™. Available in 72″ widths, Fabric By The Yard is perfect for those finishing touches – from creating custom overtreatments to decorative accessories. With Serenette SoftFold Shadings and Fabric By the Yard, you can create an elegant look that is exclusively your own.

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